What is this place? You don't remember coming here, you wonder where this place is? Maybe this [[Hatch]] leads somewhere, or should you look in the [[Closet]] first?Hmm, it looks like it's never been used. Maybe you should check out the [[Hatch]] now.you are going down the long ladder and reach the basement, there is a door on each of the walls, maybe you should choose one. [[Left door]] [[Right door]] [[Straight]] There is a room with a sitting chair and a table, you should go back to the [[Hatch]] There is a long [[Hallway]]An empty room, there are soot marks from what looks like candles that have long burnt out, you should go back and go [[Straight]] What looks like a servents quarters, Nothing to see here [[Hallway]] There are five doors, you should look in them [[door 1]] [[door 2]] [[door 3]] [[door 4]] [[door 5]]There is blood on the floor and walls, better get back to the [[Hallway]] There is a message written on the wall, it says "welcome Marcus"... you wonder how it knows your name. [[Hallway]] There is some sort of embalming room in here, there are some sharp tools you could use. [[take embalming knife]]There are two zombies, do you kill them with the embalming knife or try to sneak past? [[use knife]] [[sneak past]]You put it in your pocket for later and go back to the [[Hallway]] You sucsessfuly kill both of them but at the cost of your knife, you'll have to find another. You go through the door into a [[sewer]] You manage to get past them and through the next door, you enter into what looks like a [[sewer]]There are several directions you can go, [[right]] [[left]] or [[up]]There is a steel door, do you [[go through it]]?You walk for a while only to be met with a dead end. you walk to the [[right]] You go up a ladder, you can see the sun but the manhole cover is too heavy for you to lift, you go back down to the [[sewer]] The door closes behind you and you start to hear the hissing of gas coming into the room, you become paralyzed and slowly slip into sleep. [[wake up]]when you come to, the lights are on and there is a surgen in front of you with a buzz saw slowly whering to a stop. You feel as though something about you isn't right. [[look down]] [[see]] As you look down you [[see]]...You are suddenly awoken by your alarm clock in your room, you brush it off until you look down and see your legs are gone.